Getting It Right

Doing it right builds trust and pays off!

A health insurance agency asked us to contact a client whose mother wanted life insurance coverage.  Our agent contacted him and discussed his mom’s desire for a small policy to pay off some loans and cover her final expenses.  Another company had previously declined her coverage due to some medical issues, but we were able to secure the policy she needed at a price within her budget.  During the process, he asked us to evaluate his life insurance needs.  After discussing his specific situation, we determined that he did not need any coverage.   He was grateful for the honest analysis and for finding an affordable plan for his mother.  So much so that he referred a good friend to us the following week.  His friend purchased a permanent policy with a $3,000 annual premium.  Initially, this case appeared more like an accommodation than a profitable sale.  But because we didn’t push unnecessary coverage on the son and took the time find the lowest-cost option for the mother, we gained the trust that led to a new client for the agency and a significant commission.